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Cooler than blood Sangumé Apéritif Cocktail

Cooler than blood

Cooler Than Blood Sangume Cocktail

The Story

«It’s so hot in here that even my blood is boiling!» Summer evening, clothes stuck to your skin as if sweat were glue. The heat can be so much unbearable after a long day at work.

And what is the best way to respond to the torrid weather, if not with a sweet and frozen long cocktail?

“Cooler than blood” is the perfect cocktail when you only want to chill and forget the stress, the chaos and the heat. Sweet and fruity, with a distinct blood orange taste. Get ready for the most refreshing sensation after just one sip.

The Recipe

Muddle oranges + sugar + lime at the bottom of the glass.
Add cracked or crushed ice, the apéritf and the Bitter Lemon.
But remember: Sangumé comes first.
Stir, mix and drink.

2 slices of an orange
3 slices of lime
3 bar spoon of white sugar
50ml Sangumé Apéritif
100ml Bitter Lemon

A slice of dried blood orange, mint spring and icing sugar.

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